I want to ask a question today. Can someone run faster than possible? Is it possible?

Can anyone do it? Certainly no one can run faster than possible. But these days everyone is trying to do this.

Usain Bolt can’t run all day at the speed of 9m/s, he has to stop otherwise he will fall short of breathe.

A thin teen can’t get a muscular body in one day even if he sweats a whole day in gym.

In our lives there comes a point when we need to stop and think what are doing and what to do next?

Sometimes we want to do many things at the same time. We want to be at many places at a single moment.

It is neither possible nor wise. You can’t attend a family wedding at Mumbai and go on trekking with your friends in Manali.

Choose wisely where do you want to go? And when you are at the place of your choice do not think about another.

On the way of finding happiness we start running behind success so vulnerably that we forget that success is not permanent and single way to happiness.

We get indulge in running so much that we don’t see the small drops water of happiness life is sprinkling upon us.

There are people using i-phone and roaming on BMW but still not happy because joy is not always in materialistic things.

When Buddha was not Buddha, when he was Siddhartha he was wandering, lost.

He tried hard but couldn’t find. He used every technique but nothing worked.

At last he said ‘okay just let me relax. I give up’. So he gave up and turned inward and he became the Buddha.

So it is not necessary to always run continuously.

Sometimes you need to stop and rest. Eat good, drink wine and smile on your mistakes and make plans for tomorrow’s journey.

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