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  • He is willing to defeat your loneliness
    Posted in: Life

    In our loneliness we cry in silence, we think here is no one to understand us. No one wants to hear our cry. But is it true?? Whether it is the moment of solace or the time of multitudes there is someone who wants to communicate with you. And that “someone” is God. He is […]

  • Likes, Shares Comments: Measurements of Patriotism
    Posted in: Social

    Likes, comments and shares are the new measurements of patriotism in our country. Now a day every second person in our country is presenting his view on national issues. Suddenly a country where the rate of voting in elections never goes over 75%, people are taking on anti nationals. Indian army is new love interest […]

  • हम भारतीय: शिकायत अपनी आदत
    Posted in: समाज

    हम भारतीय लोग हैं, अपनी परम्पराओं और उनके मूल्यों का पूरा सम्मान करते हैं| कुछ चीजें हैं हमारे देश में जो आज भी अपनी साख मजबूत किये हुए हैं, एकदम जैसे खूंटा ही गाड़े बैठे हों| कश्मीर से लेकर कन्याकुमारी तक हर क्षेत्र में अलग-अलग चीजों की अपनी ही एक बिसात है| कश्मीर में डल […]

  • Rudra: The Bloodline of An Agniputra
    Posted in: Misc

    Rudra was panting heavily… “Again the same dream?” his mom asked. “Nightmare…It’s not a dream mother. It is a nightmare.” replied Rudra wiping his sweat from his forehead. He was 21 year old boy; who was ready to become a man with a muscular body. “Why this nightmare can’t let me live in peace? Every […]

  • Sufism : God wants your love not your fear
    Posted in: Misc

    What is Sufism? Many of us do fear the God; most of the people worship him because they fear him. This is not good, he is our creator. He made us and built us in his own structure. God wants us to love him instead of fear him. We will not be punished by him […]

  • वजूद की खोज:एक सफ़रनामा खुद की खोज में

    वजूद की खोज.. इस भीड़ में तुम क्या ढून्ढ रहे हो? जंगलों में, परिंदों की चहकने में,और हर उस चीज़ में जो तुम्हारे अस पास है, और जिसे तुम अपनी खुली आँखों से देख पा रहे हो; तुम कुछ ढूंढ रहे हो| इस दुनिया में हर कोई एक खास मकसद और कारण के साथ आया […]

Why Chalk-n-slate…

Most of us want to share our ideas and thoughts for some real change, to inspire people and not only for likes and comments. Here is your chalk and slate. So just join your hands erase the slate and rewrite and recreate the new era. Let us make this world worth living.

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