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  • “हम तो कलाकार हैं जनाब, कला की आड़ में कुछ भी लिख जायेंगे”
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    “हम तो कलाकार हैं जनाब, कला की आड़ में कुछ भी लिख जायेंगे, कुछ भी कह जायेंगे|” जी हाँ आज यह अधिकतर ईमानदार कला के पुजारियों के हालत हैं| धूर्त मंशा को मासूमियत के लिबाज में छिपाकर चुटीले शब्दों से व्यंग्य के बाण चलायें और बस फिर क्या? जनता मूर्छित हो जाएगी| लच्छेदार शब्दों में […]

  • Amarnath Yatra attacks : Not in anyone’s name?
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    It’s been a week of the Amarnath yatra attack but I haven’t heard any protest in anyone’s name. Where are the messiahs of humanity? When it came on a mass killing of Hindu pilgrims everyone turned his/her ear deaf. I was waiting for Saba Deewan to take any action on this massacre but she just […]

  • Russow-1: The Wrath of God on Sparta
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    Escape from death… “Kill this bastard your highness, he is sign of sin which the King has committed against you” said Behradien. “Don’t dare if anyone of you tried to kill this baby, he is King’s first born” said the queen. “He is not my blood still he is royal because the blood which is […]

Why Chalk-n-slate…

Most of us want to share our ideas and thoughts for some real change, to inspire people and not only for likes and comments. Here is your chalk and slate. So just join your hands erase the slate and rewrite and recreate the new era. Let us make this world worth living.

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