Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • Virtuous signalling is new cool in India
    Posted in: Political

    Humanity, politics and being virtuous are the new cool of our society. I know it is good to show humanity but this obsession is taking people too far from humanity. In past two or three years social media has high impact on the opinions of the people. Facebook, twitter and even some Whatsapp groups are […]

  • Russow-2: Demon or Demigod
    Posted in: Story

    Russow–2 “Take this kid, raise him but never be his parents. You will only be his caretakers” said Behradien to the man. “But who is he?” “It’s none of your business, just take a good care of him and you will be paid in gold.” Leaving the huge responsibility on the carpenter Behradien left for […]

Why Chalk-n-slate…

Most of us want to share our ideas and thoughts for some real change, to inspire people and not only for likes and comments. Here is your chalk and slate. So just join your hands erase the slate and rewrite and recreate the new era. Let us make this world worth living.

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