Pakistan asked…

“We were always together, kids of same mother. But today without our permission they drew a line between us, they call it border.”

“Doesn’t this hurt you?”

Do you remember that time when we both were inseparable? And we never imagined that it would happen to us.

I still remember when they parted us we were crying. But these deaf creatures can’t listen. They didn’t listened then, they don’t bother to listen now.

Do you still cry brother? Do you cry that your younger brother was taken apart from you and now being called your greatest enemy?

India replied…

How can I forget that day when they separated us?

They took you; you were the inseparable part of my body.

That crimson is still soaking through our eyes.

I have always loved you but I failed to stop them from taking my heart away from me.

The colour of our souls and soils are same. We always danced and enjoyed the first touch of rain together.

We used to sing the Aarti and Azaan in same chores. Celebrations of Diwali and Eid were divine. The taste of Kheer and Sewaiyan are now less sweet because they lack the love of our bond.

With lots of sweet memories we also used to fight. But that was time when we could talk and sort out our problems.

Now the noise of gunshots and bomb barding don’t let us hear of cries. I cry for you my brother. I miss you.

But no matter how much hatred they have bought, how many times we have kept our eyes far from our hearts, one day we will be together I challenge.

The pain which needs to be understand..

Partition between two countries was not the decision of every one of these countries.

There are still many families in Pakistan who have their relatives and dear ones in India.

And many people of India are not allowed to show their compassion for their cousins, nephews and grandparents.

Because if they do so, some people who have never felt the pain of separation will quote them with Pakistani and many abuses.

The people from Pakistan get arrested for same gesture of love.

Fortunately even after division of states none of the Indian state has attacked its neighbor otherwise we will have more Kargils within our India.

Some selfish people of both countries decided the fate of millions. The slight line of partition parted the two inseparable hearts.