You were always supposed to fulfill a great reason. You were not born to die only.

Search of destination..


What are you searching for in the crowd?

In the woods, in the chirping of birds and in everything you are seeing with your naked eyes; you are searching something.

Everyone here on this planet has come with a certain divine plan.

He has to fulfill his destination, the reason of their being.

Is everyone doing?


But is everyone doing the thing he was supposed to do here in this world?

Or they are just doing the things they were told to do. Have they ever tried to find what they want?

Or they just didn’t bother to think about that.

It’s like looking at the only side of the coin which shows its value and we barely look at the other side of the coin.

May be you are not on your way and you are being misled by any other force.

The Void..

If you want to know the reason of your being then see beyond the crowd and rush. Try to look into the void.

Close your eyes and listen to the air passing through your ears because they convey the message of divine.

You were always supposed to fulfill a great reason. You were not born to die only.

Because every one of us has came with the same chance of becoming an ace.

March now..


Step forward and march to your destination, the journey long and not easy probably.

But what’s the fun in doing the things which are easy?

It is always good that you took a glimpse of your destination.

On your way to your destination you will find many shrubs, and behind of them the voices will come which will try to mislead you.

Don’t listen to them, as you have already heard the voice of God when the air played the music in your ears.

If God has given you a life then he sure has a plan for you.

And if the air told you that plan then you must have the strength to fulfill your destiny.



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