CBSE 12th Board results are out, now it’s a time for students to choose between engineering and medical.

CBSE 12th Board results are out, now it’s a time for students to choose between engineering and medical.

Yes they do not have many options because in our country every middle class child learns not to follow their dreams,

But he learns to follow the path which his relatives or neighbors’ kid has already taken.

Every year they preach the same hypocrite speeches.

“Learn with fun and follow your dreams.”

And with every coming year they slay ruthlessly these statements their selves.

Years by years they are eliminating the hopes and beliefs of thousands of innocent faces.

Children are up to think that if only something matters it is nothing but good marks and not dreams.

After results they start thinking they have not a bright future.

It is only a start and they are thinking that they have no life.

Just because they couldn’t clinch good grades and won’t be able to get into top colleges, they have stopped looking at the possibilities.

When someone can’t see possibilities, it means his/her hope is dying.

Death of hope is death of talent, innocence and sometimes it is the death of person himself.

Tell me now who is the reason of these suicides? Or let me be more specific,

Who is the reason of these murders?

It is the education system of our country and us, we failed as a society.

On the place of opposing this same dull and ‘stone age’ education system, we push the students into the furnace every year.

If we make Usain Bolt compete with Messi in a football game he will definitely lose.

Or if we make Messi race F1 car he will surely crash it at some point.

We criticize paintings, movies, songs, novels, dance moves and magic.

And we ourselves are killing lakhs of writers, singers, actors, musicians and magicians every year.

This is the time; we need to think harder about our hypocrite behavior.

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