What is Sufism?

Many of us do fear the God; most of the people worship him because they fear him.

This is not good, he is our creator. He made us and built us in his own structure.

God wants us to love him instead of fear him.

We will not be punished by him if we do not offer him something.

Money, sweets, milk and other materials are not the things in which he is interested.

If he is interested in something then it is only our love.

I have seen many people who fear him saying that if we do not offer him he will punish us.

People don’t know who he is? He is beyond all these things.

And then I heard some people who quoted him in these lines of Aamir Khusrow;

“Oh lamps of clay burn brightly tonight,

Listen to my request my sweetheart is coming,

My lord is coming.”

They did not fear him; they were madly in love with him.

Further they were singing..

“His glorious colour is the blessed dye, and Auliya’s best hand is doing dye.

Whenever I look he is with is with me, and his light enlightens me.

I have wandered far and whole, I have roamed enough in the search.

Only your colour has cultivated my heart oh Nijamuddin.

I have never seen that much colourful lights oh my mother!

God’s beloved I haven’t seen any light like this before.

The presence of your love is filling my heart oh Lord, this light has penetrated all the hatred inside me.

I’m only here to welcome you the prince of light.”

Sufi mystics have known God from a different perspective.

And it looks more easy and peaceful.

How to follow him?

If you want to follow the God you don’t need to fear him.

You need to love just as those Sufis who were busy in praising and loving their beloved.

When you will do something because of love you will do it with all your heart and devotion.

Peace will be yours.

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