The man who called Afzal Guru was a martyr, and he is ashamed that his killers are still alive is now hero of Dalits.

If I tell you today that the sun is not sun but it is moon and the moon is the sun.

You will end up abusing me or calling me a fool.

Then I will vomit a mouthful of rubbish about your knowledge.

And I will say that all of your life you have believed on a lie told by your parents, grandparents, teachers.

Now either you will be angry and after you will make me hero or… forget that.

This is the only thing which is happening these days in our country.

We have a tendency of making heroes from fools and criminals.

Abuse or mock the Prime Minister, call Indian Armed Forces killers and rapists whatever suits you, and here you go.

Welcome to the elite group of pseudo liberals and intellects.

Showing compassion for terrorists and Naxalites, asking proof of surgical strikes makes them more human.

You have already sung lullaby for Kanhaiya Kumar and made him soorma of your eyes.

The man who called Afzal Guru was a martyr, and he is ashamed that his killers are still alive is now hero of Dalits.

Just think whom did he questioned? Who killed Afzal? The Honorable Supreme Court, the constitution of India?

Today this fool is being celebrated by the people because he can mix his native language with Hindi and English and will remain modest for his skills of cracking poor jokes.

The person who questions the credibility of Supreme Court and armed forces is hero today.

I don’t have problem with Kanhaiya Kumar, he doesn’t worth of a problem anyways.

But there are still many of them brooding every single month on large platforms.

Prakash Raj is next hero who is done with his career as an actor in movies, so he is now ready for a bigger platform.

And I feel pity that you will make him messiah too.

I have a request please don’t see the scenario from their eyes.

Sit, think and compare the situations of today from four or year back.

Don’t get fooled by these vultures.

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