Abhishekam is a process to get into meditation, the way water flows, in that same way knowledge flows in our mind.

When it comes about Lord Shiva the first thing that comes in our mind is Abhishekam.
When we pour water with chanting of mantras on the Shivling is called Abhishekam.
But there is a question always arises in our mind that the God who created every micro to giant particles of universe blesses us after Abhishekam?
Actually that’s not exactly true.
Tell me one thing the one who purifies the universe, does he need purification?
Then why do we do Abhishekam?
Abhishekam is a process to get into meditation, the way water flows, in that same way knowledge flows in our mind.
This not done for Shiva, this is done for ourselves, to meditate.
When we perform Rudra Abhishekam everybody gets a good meditative experience.
Shiva exists in all the five elements, would he get happy if you pour water? No.
But when we do it with reverence and feeling, the chanting creates vibrations in water.
It is scientifically proven that chanting this mantra restructures and improves the crystalline sequence of water.
As we chant Om Namah Shivay it changes the structural nature of the water crystals, manifesting an unbelievable beautiful sequence.
When we use bad language, the structure gets distorted, read about secrets of water, it says how water absorbs the feelings.
Abhishekam is like tradition, we chant and pray that our body and mind get strong; there should be maturity in environment, water, ocean, village, and city everywhere.
We should sit in Abhishekam with desire and thoughts. It is not even important to do all this, just sitting and listening to the mantras is enough.
Meditation is important than doing Abhishekam.
Doing the Abhishekam creates an environment. Just like in Diwali we light lamps and feel different.
Don’t waste food after offering it to God; don’t let the honey, milk, or curd to drain.
It is not okay to waste them if you can feed them to the people who are in need.
Our Mahadev is so kind and good God that he will bless you without these offerings. Because everything you have is his, he lacks nothing.
If you are so able to offer him anything, why you are asking for anything from him?
So this Mahashivratri do Abhishekam and get enlightened.
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