About us

Who are we:
We are social serving digital media. We are here to share views and thoughts that can change the world. We are here to rewrite the stories in our own way.

Our purpose is to give those people a platform who want to erase the slate and rewrite something with their chalks of wisdom.

What we believe in:
We believe that we don’t have to stuck with any hypocritic mindset or negativity which is opposing the change. We need to show the people that good exist in unique style. We believe in the ideas that can change this world in revolutionary manner.

Why Chalk-N-Slate?
Most of us want to share our ideas and thoughts for some real change, to inspire people and not only for likes and comments.
Here is your chalk and slate. So just join your hands erase the slate and rewrite and recreate the new era. Let us make this world worth living.