Abraham Lincoln: The greatest hero of America

“Give me six hours to chop a tree and I will spend four hours in sharpening the axe.” —- Abraham Lincoln

This is the famous quote by Abraham Lincoln, the 16thpresident of United States of America. Abraham Lincoln was the man who made his fate through his hardships. Coming from a poor family and living a very ordinary life Lincoln became the president of America. He spends his childhood in a small cabin made of logs. In his teenage he never liked physical hard works. His neighbor thought he is lazy as he always found reading, scribbling, writing poetry instead of doing hard labor associated with frontier life. They thought he reads to avoid manual labor.

Lincoln was largely self -educated. His formal schooling didn’t last than a year. But his schoolmate neighbors and family of youth recalled that he read and re read Kings Bible, Bunyan’s, The Pilgrim’s progress. He was very good in using axe. Tall for his age Lincoln was also strong and athletic.

Abraham studied law and started a general store with a partner, where he started his political career with his first campaign for Illinois General Assembly. He attained popularity which was the fuel to his ambition of taking responsibility to stand for society.

He gained popularity and managed some successful campaigns. He also became Whig and represented his party in US assembly. But his path of becoming president was never been easy. But Lincoln never stopped his journey of becoming legend.

He was the president of USA during Union civil war and brought about emancipation of slaves.

He said “Those who deny freedom of others deserve it not for themselves.”

Abraham Lincoln was America’s one of the greatest heroes due to his both impact and appeal. His rise from very humble beginning to a greatest president is itself a legend.


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