Every person has ups and downs in life. All of our life we want motivation in words uttered by other person’s mouth that we are capable enough to the things. Somewhere we know our strength when it comes in someone else’s words we do believe strongly. But not everyone says the words your soul is waiting for. Not everyone touches your spirit by their presence. Many of the people will make you feel miserable;some will create doubts your mind that you can’t go far behind your dreams. Or some will make you believe that your dreams are false and no worthy or you are weak that you can’t achieve your goal. Then there is a person who will come to you and will make you feel like  most powerful person of this universe with their positivity. That person believes in us more than we can believe in ourselves. With trust,love and motivation that bearer of hope makes us walk through storms in our life instead of saying us that storms are stronger than our will.
                                             Everyone meets that angel once in their lifetime. They meet them when God wants to talk to them and help them through a human being. God never talks cruel to their child so we will have to learn to make difference between demons and angels. And as soon the angel holds your hand tight the grip and never let them go far. By keeping them close you will be closer to the almighty God.

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