…and yes we are the Indians.

From the days of independence we have suffered with lots of social and political problems. We are fighting with corruption, terrorism, discrimination and still we are fighting over castes and religion. We have suffered the slavery before because of our inner rivalry, so let us not repeat that same mistake. We know that the situation is not very pleasant but we also know that things are changing with time. Let’s not stop dreaming about a better India. It was never been easy to build a country into a powerful and strong nation. Our freedom fighters didn’t only left the gift of freedom but they also left the legacy of standing united and fight the odds. We are witnessing many both inner and outer forces which are testing our will, unity and our patriotism. But I have a belief that we will stand together leaving our castes, religions and rivalry behind. I believe that we will stand together as Indians for our motherland. So let us join our hands with tightest grips because we have to fight a war against corruption, terrorism, rape, murders, molestation and yes against Pakistan and China too. Let us not let any break our integrity. Let us reborn with togetherness for a better India, our India.

We are free. We are republic. We are together. And yes we are the Indians.

God bless you.

And may God bless our beloved India.

Jai Hind.

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