Life after the anniversary…

 It has been six months now since the day when Ronit broke up with Shruti at her place.

They didn’t meet after that. They didn’t try to contact each other.

Shruti kept herself busy with her office work and did Ronit.

Ronit never tried to get involved in any kind relationship with any girl though his mother was bothering him to get married.

And Shruti was now living with the greatest guilt of her life. She never contacted her ex-boyfriend. Even in her office she doesn’t interact with anyone besides her work.

The reason behind her broken engagement was now known to her parents and their relationship with Shruti was also lacking the affection which used to be before.

 One day…

Shruti was standing on the gate of metro as the next station was her destination. Train stopped and she heard a voice which was very familiar to her “Excuse me. It’s my stoppage, please let me pass,”

She turned around it was Ronit. He looked her into the eyes, it was an eye contact of almost 2-3 seconds and he just walked out of the train as if he didn’t recognize her.

This was too much for Shruti but there was no option.

Next Day…

“Hello mam, I’m from an NGO which helps the homeless kids.” said a woman in metro.

“Yes.” Said Shruti little confused.

“Mam, we are organizing an event for them where they will meet strange people and spend their weekends with them playing and enjoying.”

“That’s very nice.” Shruti smiled

“If you would like to join us give your contact number and we will tell you the place and time.” said the lady.

Shruti gave her phone number to the lady and reached to the gate as her station was next.


Phone rings…

“Hello” Shruti answered the call.

“How are you?” a male voice.

“I’m fine” Shruti stammered as she recognized the voice very well.

“Lie. Again a plain lie” said Ronit.

“Why did you call me Ronit? You shouldn’t have.”

“Yes I shouldn’t have…”

“I can only give you pain as I did before.”

“Hey, tell me the recipe of your pasta. I tried so hard but never could match your recipe.”

“Ronit, don’t change the topic please.”

“We can’t change the past Shruti, it’s a blessing that at least we can change the topic.”

“Hmmm. By the way what’s this recipe and pasta?”

“I cook and eat pasta on my own.” said Ronit in a proud tone.

“Don’t lie I know that you just hate pasta.”

“No I hated the pasta made you.”

“You just asked for my recipe.”

“Yes I was just kidding.” Ronit laughed

“Ronit, will you ever forgive me?”

“Yes when you will forgive yourself Shruti.”

“What do you mean?”

“What kind of love it is if it can’t forgive?”

“Ronit I can’t change the things. Whatever I did it doesn’t change the fact that I always loved you. I became bad only for some moment. But still cheating is cheating.”

“For love of the heaven please stop these heavy dialogues yaar.”


“Whatever happened I know it was not good. It can’t be justified. But tell me what should I do? I can’t live like this. Making worst pastas ever and eating them too.”

“Why did you start eating pastas?”

“Because you eat Biriyani every weekend”

“You are spying on me?”

“Yes because I don’t believe you.”

Shruti kept quite.

“Hey, just chill I’m kidding. Actually I need that stuff of mine.”

”What stuff.”

“My engagement ring, don’t tell me you sold it and ate Biryani of that money.” Ronit asked in loud voice (A hint of laughter in his voice.)

“What will you do of that ring?”

“I will sell it and pay the bills of cabs which I take to go to your parent home. And I remember I have to pay to that lady from metro who helped me get your number.” said Ronit grinning.

“It means you…” Shruti started crying and laughing at the same time.

“Stop wasting my time and open your door please.”

Shruti opened the door and Ronit snatched the ring from her hand and got down on his knees…


The End…





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