Ashoka  was not only a fierce king who left his weapons after Kalinga war and accepted Buddhism. Beside these facts he was a great emperor who fought many wars in order to pile the entire India in one thread to make it one nation, the dream of Akhand Bharat. 

Ashoka was the second son of King Bindusar and grandson of the great Chandragupt Maurya. He spent his first 14 years of life outside the palace with his mother Dharma not knowing that he is a prince. He had a great impact of his mother on his character. He was very kind and idealistic from his childhood. That is why he never took granted of his being a prince when he took to palace by Chanakya.

Ashoka had to struggle for everything in palace because of the worse behavior of other queens and princes like Sushim. But he still never gave up and fought for his rights and morals. Ashoka always was always liberal and polite but he saw that after Bindusar the future of Maurya dynasty is not so bright and the dream of Akhand Bharat will never come true. So he decided to fight and took the throne by defeating evil. He killed his elder brother Sushim and all the conspirators and became the Emperor.

He fought many wars and was fierce and invincible yet he was very kind loving for among his people. After accepting Buddhism he never killed a single person and lived with peace and promoting Buddhism and path of peace among the people by making Shilalekhs and Stambhs. He was not only a great warrior but he was also a great poet and man of wisdom.

The Ashoka was the greatest emperor ever walked on earth.