“Amrendra Bahubali yaani main….” followed by a long round of shouts, chanting and crackling of swords and spears.

Bahubali was merely taking the oath of army chief,

But he received more love and affection than the king of Maheshmati.

Prabhas portrayed the role of the legend; Bahubali. Now he himself is a living legend.

The demigod..

Bahubali is not just a story of a brave warrior; the character of both Amrendra and Mahendra Bahubali is demigod.

The way he stands against corruption and evil shows his bravery.

At the same time he stands against the words of his mother for the sake of ideologies.

Leaving posts of first King and then army chief’s without any question shows his selflessness, and his devotion towards his mother and motherland.

When it came on keeping his promise which he has given to his wife Devsena he stood by his words against all odds.

He was ready to pay any price just to give her the respect she deserved.

For his kingdom he was their God, and indeed he was.

He grew up with the fact that he is a king and he has to treat his people as his children.

Kingdom of Mahesmati was totally devoted and had all their love for one and only demigod.

The messiah of Maheshmati was not just a noble man but he was also an artist.

An artist who knew the arts of weapons.. who uses sword as canvas and blood as colour.

A ferocious warrior, who not only killed the Kalkeya but also saved lives of his people.

Amrendra Bahubali did not only fight but he also motivated his soldiers, and then they fought the evil.

They did not only fight they started following Bahubali and they started worshiping him as God.

Bahubali in our hearts..        

In everyone’s heart there is a corner where a Bahubali is sleeping, all we need to awake him.

We need to awake him in order to save the weak and to turn them into ferocious warriors.

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