“So we will hunt him and we will set the dogs on him because he can take it, because he is not just a hero. He is a silent guardian a watchful protector a dark knight.”  These words by Jim Gordon show that what our caped crusader was sacrificing for his people after the death of Harvey Dent.

Batman is a fictional character but still it teaches us many realistic life lessons. He teaches us to become vigilant like him.

After the watching his parents murdered in front of him Bruce Wayne decided for vengeance in the same way buy killing the culprit. But when his childhood friend Rachel Dawes shows him the filth and problems created by the criminals he realized that by killing the murderer he would have became the same monster he hated all his life. And the billionaire who didn’t need to think about the other people started to build himself, to start a war against crime families as the true vengeance.

Though it was not necessary for him to dress like a bat and put his life in danger in the darkest and feared nights, he did it in the order of his responsibility towards his people and city.

In normal life of a young billionaire he presented himself as eccentric and drunken playboy to protect his identity as a legend.

After doing all the sacrifices the people still think of him as law breaker. And he also took the blame of murdering Gotham city’s D.A Harvey Dent who was about to kill the innocent son of Commissioner Gordon.

Batman gave his city everything he had.

“I can be anyone Gotham needs me to be”—- The Batman.

Batman’s always wants to inspire people to take stand against wrong. That’s why he said “Anyone can be Batman.”

And also teaches us to not to turn into a monster as he said

“When you kill a murderer the number of murderers in the world remains same.”


So let us learn some courage of doing beyond our comfortable zone and let us become more than a man. Let us become ‘The Batman’.