This is not your mother’s kitchen you idiot where you will shout and shatter utensils to get food and it will be given to you with smile. Because of constitution of India which claims freedom of speech you are still alive son..otherwise “Pagal kutton ko sadak pe bhga bhga ke goli marte hum….” This is not only about nationals Vs anti-nationals they  called Afzal Guru a martyr made it Indians Vs anti-Indians. Because they want freedom from India and none of the true citizen of country chants anti national slogans. But here is Kanhaiya Kumar is not a one and only culprit. Here are some ‘wise’ and responsible people who have extremely high level of patience and awareness  of law and constitution in their body,actually amount of these ingredients are more than hemoglobin in their blood. That’s why they give interview in their extra calm manner sitting in there drawing room “Everyone is here have freedom of speech and government is imposing their thoughts on students, I haven’t seen such weak government ever which is slaying our moral rights.” Some of them say ” This government is disrespecting constitution and thus B.R Ambedkar” and the issue turns to dalita Vs upper Hindus.
               But ‘Mr. Wise’ your student was abusing our country our soldiers sacrifices and everyone who gave their effort,sweat and blood to harvest happiness and development for India. May be Mr. Wise you are use to hear abuse about your mother but not us. If these kind of son of bi****s will bark anymore we know how to shut them up. Because the number of ‘Right’ in this country is more than ‘Left’. If talking in this manner proves us intolerant then yes we are.

You say they are future of this country they are students..??  “Hum toh jaise batti gul karne aaye hain yahan”. Grow up Mr. Wise and use your ideal brain in not to play dirty politics but to clean the environment where the future of India can breath proudly.