• SHE
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    She is fierce and strong She is kind and calm. With wisdom in her mind She sees no bounds! The world is her playground, With zest in her chest She wishes to rise and shine. Crossing the hedge She knows what it takes To reach the harbor, A mere pleadge. The chances she takes Gives […]

  • होली: रंग भारत के पहचान के
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    हमारा देश भारत त्योहारों, रिवाजों और अनेकता में एकता का देश है| हम होली, दिवाली, ईद, क्रिसमस और गुरु पर्व एक साथ मनाते हैं| हर एक त्यौहार के अपने अलग महत्त्व है, दिवाली दीयों का,तो ईद अकीदत का| हिन्दू और मुसलमान सैकड़ों वर्षों से एक साथ रहते आ रहे हैं| ईश्वर को चाहे हम अलग […]

  • Abhishekam of Mahadev : Rudra Abhishekam
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    When it comes about Lord Shiva the first thing that comes in our mind is Abhishekam. When we pour water with chanting of mantras on the Shivling is called Abhishekam. But there is a question always arises in our mind that the God who created every micro to giant particles of universe blesses us after […]

  • True faces of modern ‘patriots’
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    If I tell you today that the sun is not sun but it is moon and the moon is the sun. You will end up abusing me or calling me a fool. Then I will vomit a mouthful of rubbish about your knowledge. And I will say that all of your life you have believed […]

  • A Question to Modern Atheists
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    From a long period of time the existence of God is being questioned. For many people in this world the universe was created by the God. But at the same time there is a growing population of some people who don’t believe in God or his existence. They simply don’t have faith that there is […]

  • Life of writers:Reality or Illusion
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    “How it feels to be a writer?” “They must be thinking all the time. And it’s very easy for them to write their heart out.” “Writers are shy people wearing full sleeve shirts and specs, geek kind of people.” These are some of the comments we always hear among the people who are fascinated about […]

  • The Anniversary: Final Chapter
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    Life after the anniversary…  It has been six months now since the day when Ronit broke up with Shruti at her place. They didn’t meet after that. They didn’t try to contact each other. Shruti kept herself busy with her office work and did Ronit. Ronit never tried to get involved in any kind relationship […]

  • The Anniversary
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    “Are you sure, you want this Ronit?” “Yes Shruti.” “Please Ronit, please stop all these things.” “It will stop very soon. I got to go. I’m hanging up the phone.”   Two months ago… “What is he doing here with you in your flat?” asked Ronit “Oh he just came here to congratulate me for […]

  • Likes, Shares Comments: Measurements of Patriotism
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    Likes, comments and shares are the new measurements of patriotism in our country. Now a day every second person in our country is presenting his view on national issues. Suddenly a country where the rate of voting in elections never goes over 75%, people are taking on anti nationals. Indian army is new love interest […]

  • Board results: Lets slay the talent and talk hypocrite
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    CBSE 12th Board results are out, now it’s a time for students to choose between engineering and medical. Yes they do not have many options because in our country every middle class child learns not to follow their dreams, But he learns to follow the path which his relatives or neighbors’ kid has already taken. […]

Why Chalk-n-slate…

Most of us want to share our ideas and thoughts for some real change, to inspire people and not only for likes and comments. Here is your chalk and slate. So just join your hands erase the slate and rewrite and recreate the new era. Let us make this world worth living.

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