Today many people are quitting their jobs in order to chase their dreams. But at the same time an Indian, a hot shot banker in Hong Kong left his job because of the question which arose every single time when he had to spend 3000 rupees on his meal that “I am spending the money over my meal is the income of half of the population in my country.”
Like most of the kids from middle class families, Bhagat born with an order that he will have to choose the carrier which is well accepted by the society. But with that order Chetan Bhagat also born with a dream, a dream of becoming a writer. But just because the society and family won’t understand he has to abort the mission of chasing his dreams. So he abandoned the idea of becoming a writer and completed his graduation from IIT Delhi. And then he went to IIM Ahmedabad, where the passion of becoming a writer again occupied the place in his heart.
Bhagat got the jobs of higher salaries which an average number of writers can’t imagine in India. But he never left his dreams. He wrote Five points someone and Two states. When he was working in Hong Kong as an investment banker he was very sad because of the condition of his country and people. So he asked his wife if she is ready to take the financial responsibilities he will leave his job in order to become a full time writer. And he did that. He left the job and after some months he came up with What Young India Wants, a non-fiction book which is the collection of his columns and articles on social and political issues in India. He has written Revolution 2020 and many bestselling novels which deal with the issues of middle class and youth of India. He writes articles and columns and always raising his voice for the betterment of India.
He refused to surrender his dreams and today he is idol for many youngsters of India who have dreams in their hearts. Story of Chetan Bhagat provides fuel for the soul of their dreams.
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