1. You want to stand. You want to stabilize. You seek peace. Today, everyone is seeking peace. They are searching it exhaustedly. But no one has ever found peace while running everywhere and searching. The peace is in yourself, it is not something which you will find outside. The musk deer runs behind the fragrance all over the forest whereas that fragrance lies beneath his abdomen.
    When someone is depressed, he is living in his past. The old encounters with pain, anger, failure, hatred, broken relationships, disguise and guilt keeps him busy in being scared for future. Being prisoner of his past, without knowing the future he always keeps his mind occupied with uncountable plans, ideas and their backups. He either regrets for is past or become anxious about his future. But in between past and future he is crushing his present. He is doing nothing except planning or regretting but present is the time to act not to depressed or tensed. So he needs to stop. The musk deer must stop chasing the fragrance all over the forest, because without stopping he will never find the actual location of it.
    Peace is just like the musk which you will find only when you stop searching for it. Living in the moment is the key of inner happiness which is predecessor of peace. One can only lift his life from the arc of present. Because only your present exist rest are just imaginary times. Past is dead and surety of future is null. Stop dusting of your weapons when you are living in a peacetime. If you have fought a battle in your past then this is the time for you to drink wine in peace over your victory instead of drilling. Because you don’t know, it may be the everlasting peacetime.