“What Hindu?  What Muslim? What Sikh or Christian? We are hungry Sahib we don’t understand religion.” Said an old beggar when I asked him if he is Hindu or Muslim.

Even after a long time of I still remember the question in his eyes when he was replying me. When I asked him that he was asking in the name of God still he is giving me a sarcastic reply.

He said “I didn’t ask in the name of religion, I asked in the name of God.”

He went on “When your stomach is full it feels cool to talk about religion, caste, and how to save them from the enemies which we are making by ourselves. Drinking juice and doing hunger strikes are your fashions Sahib, here hunger is striking us.”

“People think they are saving their religions. But they never think that which almighty made us and to whom they beg for everything don’t need their protection. They kill people on the name of Ram and Allah but when we ask on the name of the same Ram and Allah they just toss the coin and make their ways to their mission of begging inside the holy places” Said the old beggar.

That day the beggar just shook my soul. In the time of fighting against poverty, terrorism and hunger, we are fighting to save our respective religion. When we need to adopt a poor kid and feeding a handicapped old beggar we are raising funds for war to save our Gods or God.

Now even I’m one of them who worship God but don’t understand religion.