For justice our great revolutionaries gave their lives because the British had no right to rule over us on our own land. They didn’t accepted the injustice. But today we are serving injustice and in every possible way by doing nothing to stop it. We don’t chose better or best we just chose which one is less worse. We want everything perfect but we do nothing accept complaining  and waiting for others to do something heroic. “Politics is dirty” and “nothing is going to change ” are the statements every second person come up here with the extra coating of sarcastic tone just to sound cool, just like the father of bridegroom complaining about arrangements from the bride’s family. They use ‘this’ country, like they are from somewhere far away born in perfect place. This country is yours too and if you have problems then come forward take responsibilities to change the things. But they won’t do anything because they have learned to live like this from their childhood. I don’t know if anyone born corrupt from his/her mother’s womb or not but they come skilled in offering bribes from their first breath. We are preparing our next generation to nurture corruption and injustice by teaching them to mind their own business and tolerate everything because “there is nothing going to happen of this country”. Why? Why can’t our country change? Why can’t you take stand and steps for what is right?
Join politics,civil services,army and judiciary services come in the system and lit the fire of change or be entrepreneurs and set examples contribute in large scale for the development. If people are following KRK, Barkha Dutt and Digvijay Singh on twitter then they will follow you too because they are also waiting for a hero like you are waiting from years. Don’t utter the words of hopelessness and start doing your bit to see the change and have faith in your true devotion because the dawn is coming near.
Jai Hind
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