Once upon time a saint was passing through a village. His disciples were very hungry and tired and they insisted their master to stop and rest at in the village. They said “We are walking throughout the day and now we don’t have any energy walk anymore.”

The saint said “okay we will rest under that peepal tree, before that we will pray.”

One of his disciples asked him “Is it necessary to pray before meal? We pray daily but I don’t see any change or peace in my life.”

The saint just smiled and said “I will answer you in the morning.”

They all prayed ate and slept. But the saint spends some more time in prayer and meditation.

Next morning the saint his asked that disciple to bring an axe. The disciple brought the axe. Then the saint showed him a tree with branches full of leaves and fruits. He said “Look at that mango tree it has branches and fruits and leaves, they can give you both shelter and food.”

Now go and cut its branches, the disciple went and cut all of its branches.


“Can it still give you shelter and food?”

“No, how can it give me shelter and food when it has no leaves or branches?”

“Exactly, what I’m trying to teach you that just like this tree exists but it has no leaves and fruits so it can’t give you shelter and food. When you have no faith while praying the prayer exists but there will be no sign of happiness and peace.”