Rishabh in his boss’ chamber..

“You can’t complete a single work on time right?”

“Sorry sir, I didn’t hear you..”

Cut off in the middle,

“Are you crazy? Who do you think you are? How dare you behaved like this? You didn’t listen to me.”

Rishabh was fired from his job. His colleagues were laughing on him.

“What a loser he is”

“I don’t know in which world he lives all the time.”

After submitting all his files to boss, Rishabh left the office with the expression of embarrassment on his face.


It was not the first time that he faced embarrassment.

He had been through these things all his life. This was the 6th job from which he had been fired.

Rishabh had a unique habit of being lost in his world of imaginations. That’s why he couldn’t concentrate on the works which he was in between.

In his childhood he never had any friend because they all thought that he is dumb.

It was like he was being deserted by the people he once had.

Even Rishabh was broken because of this.

The Unique Decision..

As he found there is no way for him to live together with people he knows, he decided to live in his imagination.

The world of his imagination; where he was the master of his own fate.

There was not a single force that can stop him from writing his own destiny. He was allowed to imagine whatever he wanted.

But it was not only about imagination. To make his world of imagination more incredible he started writing them on papers.

Whenever he was tired or getting bored he immediately stopped imagining. And as soon he felt refresh again he again started enjoying his world.

After 2-3 months he had made a build an extra ordinary world of his own choice.

“Many people out there live in the state of sadness and misery; I must show them the world who is not willing judge them or show them the ugly face of life.” He thought.

So, he decided to publish his journals. He was unemployed from past 3 months, but he had some savings which he was saving for buying a house.

After being rejected from many of the publishing houses,

He ended up to a newly opened publishing house giving them almost double amount for 10000 copies.

The Fate of My Choice

At first the copies were being sold on slower the speed slower than a sloth’s. But gradually it started doing well, and in no time all the copies were sold.

Now it was time for the publishing house to call a press conference and they announced the news that 60000 copies of “The fate of my choice” by Rishabh Anand was pre-ordered as it was still being published.

National Bestseller..

Reporters: How are you feeling sir, it is your first book and you are already a national bestseller?

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