We are going to enter in a new year in few hours. This year is going to bid us goodbye with lots of social, political and personal affairs. They were exciting, sad, and lovely. And some incidents like demonetization and surgical strike were just historical. As we can see many things are happening around us which are going to make history or they will remain in history. Many of us are not happy with 2016 as mostly it didn’t gone well enough as expected. And they are already hopeless about 2017. But trust me these situations have nothing to do with 2016, 2017 and following years. They are only because of decisions we have took or the decisions someone painted on us and we didn’t protested. As we are going to welcome a new year on calendar let us take an oath instead of making resolution that this year and all the following years we will do right and never get feared in appreciating when someone is doing right or will never take our steps back when it comes to protest.
Have a very happy new year.


God bless all.