We can survive without water, air and food for some moments but we can’t survive without hope for a second. Hope keeps us alive. The suffering, sadness, failure and hatred are spreading so much negativity that people have started being afraid of talking about positive outcomes. They have stopped believing that humanity still exists. They have stopped loving each other because they do not hope that the relationship will last long. They do not take the decisions which are out league because they think everyone will mock them if they failed. Some people are trapped with lots of negative views about the life that they often say quit and commit suicide. But this solution of the problems is actually very tragic as it gives a huge blow on the mind of those who are somehow trying to comfort themselves that “all is well”. We are more worthy than the hatred, failure, broken relationships and every problem which a human faces every day.

When a poor man was punished by the king to stand in a frozen lake whole night he saw a lamp far away from him and he survived the punishment because he found the hope in that lamp. He didn’t felt the warmth of lamp but he had the hope that if he will survive he will be free and that hope kept him alive. That is why we must hope of good and show others too that humanity exists. If a suicide can blow thousand minds then one example of never giving up and having hope of victory will also encourage 100s to believe that hope is good and hope must not die.