I am sure many of you are confused because we are always taught that Hinduism is a religion and the people of belonging to this religion are called the Hindus.

Who is Hindu?

I am a Hindu.

When I say this I am not talking about my religious identity.

Being Hindu is totally my geographical identity. Confused?

I am sure many of you are confused because we are always taught that Hinduism is a religion and the people of belonging to this religion are called the Hindus.

But it is not true. There is no such religion like Hindu or Hinduism in the scriptures. No book has been written about such religion.

Then who is the Hindu and how this is a geographical identity and not any religion or belief or faith?

Geographical Identity

The land which lies between Himalaya and the Hind Mahasagar  (Indian Ocean) was used to call Hindustan by the people outside of Bharat.

And the people who were born in that landscape were Hindus. Hindu is a culture. It does not matter from which religion you belong, from which caste you belong.

Which God you worship? Or if you do not worship any God you are still a Hindu.

This is culture which saved the very identity and soul of India.

We endured so many invasions and many times.

Different people came with different lands taking with them their different religions and were welcomed by the culture of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam which means “The whole world is family”.

The Hindu culture offers acceptance to everyone and allows the diversity.

This thought and culture of being Hindu saved us from being evaporated from the history.

When the British came and saw this nation it was still prosper even after so many invasions. 

So they first started to break us and to breaking a large nation and ruling the entire landmass they started with Hindu.

They started referring Hinduism as a religion and not as culture.

Our self esteem was started being broke. They made us think that we lack something and are no good. And they were successful in doing that.

Now people no longer take Hinduism as a way of life or a culture. They broke our unity and diversity and the Sipoy-Mutiny happened.

 In 40s and 50s this lowered self esteem was on peak.

But now we will have to take it seriously. We will have to save this way of life because this is not about religion.

This is about 130 crore people hailing from different religions such as Sanatan, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and many more who lives between Himalayas and Indian Ocean.

They all are Hindu.

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