Life and Questions-The inseparable relation.

‘Questions’- a word which includes all the world in itself. It doesn’t need only the answer rather it compell the whole human machinery body to work. It absorbs all the aspect of life.

‘Questions’- it is not only the problems of mathematics or the form of sentence which needs an affirmative or negative answer. It is that inseperable part of life which starts from the birth of a child and keep changing its size and depth throughout the life.

It is the drug to the human mind whose absence can kill the human. The questions add flavors in the dish of life. It is the questions that make humans different in their opinion and attitude.

When a child is born,the innocence and inquisitiveness to  know the world move around his/her head and form questions. These questions gradually start increasing its intensity as the child start attaining his/her growth.

The questions and life move ahead together holding each other’s hand and at the peak of their relationship they merge themselves into each other and create the WISDOM.

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  1. Life n quetions, a beautiful relation, tied by d knots of curiosity. Question holds d hands of lyf at evry rungs of lyf …..a explendid connection created by d article….trutly mesmerising ☺

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