As a child we used to think less. Going to school, coming back home, doing our homework and then so much sports. We were chilled out yet so focused and energized in whatever we were doing.

“How’s the Life?”

“Messed Sir!”

“How’s the life?”

“Stressed Sir!”

If you ask this “How’s the Life” to anyone then getting these answers like stressed, messed, spoilt is very high.

People are so fed up of their life that they think that life is their one true enemy.

I’m not joking. There are plenty of funny memes on life available on social media. Most people laugh over these jokes so badly because they relate to most these situations.

Where some people are making memes on how “Life” has made their life hell then there are some people who speak about staying 24 hours serious and making life better.

But now let me tell you something that you probably never think about or do not pay attention on.

I want to tell you that not to stay dead serious about your life and nor to make it a joke.

Today everyone wants to achieve everything. They want everything perfect and also they want everything in their life to happen in the way they want. But somehow they forget that the beauty of life lies in its uncertainty.

Most of the sufferings in our lives are because we don’t live life. We try to control it.

When we were kids and slowly growing up into an adolescence life was there to, but we were not suffering because of emotions, success or failure because we had no understanding of these things.

We never tried to control it but now we are trying to take control of everything. Life was meant to live and not to control it.

As a child we used to think less. Going to school, coming back home, doing our homework and then so much sports.

We were chilled out yet so focused and energized in whatever we were doing.

We were not the slaves of our emotions. If you hurt me we will not talk but as soon offer me to play with a smile I will play again. Not talking was never enemy things then.

Now we take our as well as others every word dead serious that we make everything about life and death and break a long relationship without any second thought.

We are so busy in proving ourselves to those who probably will not give a damn about our so called achievements after 10 to 15 years.

No one wants to step down thus this madness has took over this world.

Everyone has their own journey and different story but we are busy in making everything one and forcefully trying to create a definition of life.

We are looking at the life with angle we love and not looking as life is. Unfortunately our angle is disoriented and distorted.

This way of thinking is affecting our work efficiency.

You will never go to a psychiatrist who himself is a depressive person because he can’t help you as he does not have the ability you want.

 Life will be better by the child’s way, the honest and pure one. By doing the work because we want to do it and not to prove or achieve anything.

Remember if your life will be there then there will be success, failure, society, relationships and everything. If there will be no life then there will be nothing.

So first embrace your life like a child today.+

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