“How it feels to be a writer?”
“They must be thinking all the time. And it’s very easy for them to write their heart out.”
“Writers are shy people wearing full sleeve shirts and specs, geek kind of people.”
These are some of the comments we always hear among the people who are fascinated about the profession and life of writers.

All these comments are not exactly true.
Let us take close view of a writer’s life.
Writers not exactly play with words; it’s just sometimes they become so miserable that they can’t speak their heart in front of people in simple bunch of words.
Sometimes it is necessary to let the words straight and jumble the emotions.

There is a famous saying about writers “A writer is not exactly a person. He is a whole bunch of various characters pretending to be one.”
This saying exactly describes the personality of a writer.

Life a writer is really fascinating. They are the king of their own kingdom. In that kingdom they are the king, queen, minister, beggar, rich, poor, hero villain everything.
Creating a galaxy of imagination and then writing it on paper in the way that their galaxy can come in life in front of your eyes after reading.
Actually it is not that easy to create galaxies, imagining things and living multiple lives all at once.

All these illusions which are result of a writer’s imagination sometimes do not come up for free and pleasant feeling.
Appreciation always can’t bear the price they pay for living the characters.
Many times the characters do not leave the writer’s mind and so the affect of this is not so pleasant.

By carrying all the burdens during their specific works they always make sure that there must be something in that creation which will leave a deep effect on readers life.
It is the writers who are working and investing their lives in order to make this world a place to live in.

They are responsible for our imagination of heaven and paradise. Writers were the first who made them believe that birds actually sing to wake us up.
And yes it is very cool to be a writer.