Likes, comments and shares are the new measurements of patriotism in our country.

Likes, comments and shares are the new measurements of patriotism in our country.

Now a day every second person in our country is presenting his view on national issues.

Suddenly a country where the rate of voting in elections never goes over 75%, people are taking on anti nationals.

Indian army is new love interest for the people like a brand and they keep forgetting the existence of other paramilitary forces.

No matter how much blood the other paramilitary forces will shed,

The people will ask you to share and comment Jai Hind on ridiculously photoshoped pictures of soldiers.

On facebook and twitter you can see the comments people make about nationality of some celebrities.

They literally ask them to go to Pakistan.

In people’s opinion our Prime Minister is only roaming abroad and doing nothing.

Like Modi Ji is doing nothing and only having foreign trips.

He should have posted about Indian army on daily basis; he is not doing this so he doesn’t care about the brave hearts.

All bureaucrats and police department is corrupt according to these patriots.

Tell me one thing if all of them are corrupt and don’t care how the hell you are sitting safely in your home and commenting sick.

The threats are not only around borders, the naxals and mafias are also there to loot and murder you.

And it is the police department and paramilitary forces that are shedding their bloods silently.

Prime minister and bureaucrats are doing well that’s why there is no scam in last 3 years on national level.

People say Modi ji should give orders to wipe Pakistan out of the world map because you only know to talk.

You don’t think of circumstances because you will neither die on border nor have to answer the country.

Where you were when a girl faces molestation and Nirbhaya was being raped?

It is in your hand to make girl feel safe in public faces but you won’t because it is the duty of police department.

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