A group of boys were talking about some stuff and then one of them said that behind every distraction of guys there is a girl. Other said that no if it is true love then will take you to your destination..
Yash was one of them, he was guy with image of a Casanova who has a large number of girls to talk and flirt but never fell in love. He was listening to his friends quietly and somewhere in his own thoughts. After a deep silence first time he spoke out with his heart “You can love a girl immeasurably but you can’t make her feel special, if she loves you she will look at your face as you are the most precious person alive and those eyes makes you special.” Everyone was surprised as no one ever expected these from him. He went on..
I dreamt big from my life and I always thought that I can’t afford any distraction or stress in my life. My dreams were bigger than any kind relation or person. I chose sacrifices of my personal needs and stopped taking calls of my soul, my heart. I was thinking that I will surely achieve everything as I’m paying price. But I always needed a person who could understand me and who will console me in my pain and then refused them arrogantly. But that one face changed my perspective towards these things.. guys I fall in love.. I was ok before her but when I met her I found that something was missing from my life and that was her. It was nothing like I was tension free before her, but when she came into my life even the bigger problems of my life turned shorter because there was she to believe in me when I was not able to believe myself. It is like she was planned to meet me on this stage of life to make me stronger than before and to make me more confident about my destination and reason of my birth. I started loving and believing on God like never before. If love is true it will decorate your path toward your dreams instead of blocking it. So never impose your failure on someone.
PS: Yash is every third guy around us who refuses his inner call but when he listens, he listens well.
Courtesy: gospelofrevolution.blogspot.com