Love..a feeling which gives peace of mind,soothes our heart. It is like that candle in dark room all need to be lit and it will illuminate  the world. We expect love from people but it is like blood which pumps in our heart. Sadly now a days it is becoming one of the most damaging reason behind the depressive mental state and spoilt life of people. Most of the youngsters takes love and relationship as personality status. A relation starts on dynamic dates,movies and candle light dinners sometimes ends up on suicide or in mental hospital.
                          We are living in the time of bullet trains and fastest jets where everyone is in great hurry. Hurry in choosing a partner, hurry in falling in love, hurry in making love and promises of life and death and many more.. And obviously when you will run faster than enough you will get tired soon. And it happens in the case of relationship too. Couples gradually starts loosing enthusiasm and affection thus the bond breaks because of lower quality of elastic. That ‘elastic’ has an another name and that name is love. If there  is love the enthusiasm of affection and care without any terms and conditions never dies. Because love is immortal and rest is just attraction turned addiction. Love is eternal.
                           Think about future don’t ignore it. As most of the time people say “stop thinking about future as we are happy in present”. But some stuffs of future  are to be discussed in present as every second you are stepping forward to your future. Take care of things in present or you will suffer in future by loosing love and many more. Paulo Coelho has written in The Alchemist–” love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny”. In order to enjoy present sometimes we ignore our real intuitions and after a while people split for the sake of carrier and dreams and all of the sudden,things become worse. Love is that feeling which won’t  blockade between you and your dreams but it will strengthen you if its true and exist. So don’t keep seeking until you find it in yourself.
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