MEDITATION yes you read it right, an ancient way to keep your mind healthy.

Everyone is in a great hurry to work more and more and more.
Trying to keep up with the rest of the word we wake up and run in the race of life daily.
Success and money is so important that people are always in hustle craving for more.
Beside fulfillment of fundamental needs still we have so much to take care of, there is always some work to be done.
There are always some responsibilities to take.
But still there is difference between happiness and peace.
In our daily lives we barely see anyone calm in tensed situations, in hurry of lives, in the race of success.
Whether it is financial, physical health or success in study people are not always well.
At some point all the achievements or happiness get vanished and there remains only one thing and that is a totally anxious and imbalanced mind.
Mental illness, depression and tendency of suicide are on the peak of graph.
People when are not able to take the pressure of depression go for medication.
Some of them use sleeping pills and even alcohols but in worst cases most of the time they end up in medical asylums and rehabilitation centre and sometimes it results in suicide.
But there is a way for you to help yourself.
MEDITATION yes you read it right, an ancient way to keep your mind healthy.
In the life full of hustle and pace you can meditate anywhere anytime.
Meditation is not something that we think about it. It is not like sitting on top of the mountains and thinking nothing and concentrating hard.
Meditation is as easy as breathing. Actually it is breathing.
You can meditate when you are travelling to your work place, having coffee, listening to your favorite music.
Our mind is full of positive and negative thoughts; a single negative thought can drag you into depression.
When you will meditate you will find them there also. But all you have to do is to give your mind a work.
Count your breath. Being aware of your surrounding is actually meditation.
You don’t need to concentrate hard for silencing your negative thoughts, all you need is to breathe in and out and be aware of it.
Breathe in and breathe out as simple as that.
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