“Mera desh badal rha hai.” – Narendra Modi

In the past two decades Indian Prime minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi is the one of the most celebrated politician of India.

Being criticized and targeted by the opposition leaders, Modi lives in the heart of millions of Indians and NRIs also.

Dashing personality, bold voice and impeccable speaking skills makes him the most admired celebrity of India.

Every time he put himself into controversy he came out with winning millions of hearts. Whether it was coming out with clean chit from Gujarat riots or the decision of demonetization he always became more popular and loved by Indians.
He is the PM India was waiting desperately. The situations were going worse every day. Scams, corruptions, crime, scandals, riots and rising prices were hiking the numbers of problems for middle class and even higher middle class people,

so we can imagine what would be the situation of a poor family. Corruption by cabinet ministers and suicides of farmers were the biggest incidents which were becoming the reason of losing hope from governance.
At that time CM turned PM candidate from BJP Narendra Modi came forward with visions and ideas of better governance and a promise which said “Achhe din aane wale hain.”

He filled the heart of people with hope of better India.

People believed in him and in 2014 Narendra Damodar Das Modi took the oath as the Prime Minister of India.
With his foreign policies he bought investments for country and he also solved many issues for NRIs and made them feel that India is still their motherland. By opening bank accounts on zero balance he fulfilled the dream of having a bank account of every poor of India. He has started numbers of schemes for people and digitalized the whole nation with transparent governance.
The biggest achievement of Modi till date is by starting clean India campaign he didn’t only gave responsibilities to every Indian, he also made them feel responsible for their country.

He didn’t only change the way of governance he also changed the way of thinking.
Now we can say “Mera desh badal rha hai.”
Thanks to our one and only beloved PM.
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