As fish out of water hears the sound of the waves,Or a hunting falcon hears the drumsIt says “come back, come back”.

Oh poor bird!

Come back oh poor bird! The door of the home is still waiting for you.

It still has a hope that you will come again, and all your questions will be answered.

Stop flying restlessly in the direction you are not familiar with.

Doesn’t matter how far you go,

No matter how much you cut the air with your wings, you will never be able to escape yourself.

Break the skies! Burn the world! You won’t be able to hide yourself.

May be it will give you some comfort but peace will be still miles away from you.

Take any path you reside in you.

You will come back to your own home. I know this my poor friend.

Wandering country to country won’t help your troubled heart.

Why is your condition so bad?

A hundred pains are spread on your body; the clothes of compassion are dirty.

Beyond the clouds


Fly high and go beyond the clouds but where you will go leaving yourself?

You are seeking for love as your birthright. Yes it is a birthright for everyone, but not at our conditions.

It will come to you at the time when you will need it the most.

Not every question is answered at the time when you are high on curiosity.

And all your questions are flying with you occupying a large place in your heart.

To find the love you will need to lose the burden of your questions a little.

Sometimes all the questions are not worthy to answer immediately.

Just hear the voice through the door calling you,

As fish out of water hears the sound of the waves,

Or a hunting falcon hears the drums

It says “come back, come back”.

This turning towards what you deeply seeking will save you.

Move toward the voice and save yourself, it is the time when the universe want to give you rest.

Come back and feel the love and peace within yourself.