Mobile phones are upgrading their features to attract the people and to provide them the ease of use. Android Nougat 7.0 the new member of android operating system family has also some dynamic features. We are short listing some of them for you.

  1. A proper clear- all option

Google had provided a clear- all button to close all open tabs. To the top of the preview cards you can find this option.

  1. Data saver plan

Data saver is a handy feature you can use when running low on the monthly allotment. When you will enable this feature it will prevent the refreshing of background data. That means it will prevent the apps to use your cellular data in the background. Facebook and twitter refresh in the background very often.

Setting> Data usage> Data saver to enable the new feature.

  1. Reply to messages from anywhere

When you receive message from messanger, facebook, or whatsapp you don’t need to go to that tab you can reply from the tab you are using right now.

  1. Manage notification

With a long-press on notification, you can opt to disable or silence alerts for the respective app. This is far better than having to go in setting menu.

  1. Quick app switching

This is the best and most useful feature of this operating system. Double-tap on the multitasking button to quickly switch between the last two apps you used. It is easy and quick. It’s so useful when copying something from one app to another.

Happy using Nougat.