Rancho and the lion

There was a lion in a forest. He used to kill the innocent animals and ate them. Some times he killed them just for fun. All of the animals were afraid. But they felt that they are too weak to teach him a lesson. One day all of the animals called a meeting. Everyone suggested their ideas but no one was brave enough to do something. Then Rancho, the monkey spoke ” I’ll teach him a lesson on my own.”
         One day as the lion was crossing from the middle of the forest Rancho was waiting for him up on a tree with a surprise. There was a hive of honey bees on the same tree. As the lion came under that tree Rancho quickly plucked the hive and threw it on the lion. As the hive fall on lion’s body bees started biting him. Lion cried out of pain and ran out of the forest.

#Moral:- Every problem can be solved by using brain.


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