There is famous proverb “Love is blind”. Of course it can be anything, we can give it any adjective because it is just an abstract feeling. But today, we have become blind, dumb and deaf towards all the incidents that take place on the society. Noe the question arises how? So, here is the answer.
In our daily lives we witness many things which we don’t like or we can’t agree with. Sometimes we don’t like the scripts of any movie, or lyrics of any song l. Or sometimes we went through some situations because of our mistakes from the past that we wish if we could get a chance correct them. If our life had provided us any facility like chalk and slate, it would be a great fortune. Unfortunately life doesn’t provide us chalk and slate and we can’t go in our past and change the mistakes. But there is still many things which give us chances to pick up the chalk, erase the slate and rewrite the things which we don’t like.
So this is the time when you are free to write your own story, definition and your own tradition. If you don’t like the stereotype statements about dirty politics, go change the things so that people can start believing in democracy. If you don’t lie hypo-critic mindsets, just erase the slate and rewrite it the way you want. Your courage and will power is your chalk.
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