"Why this nightmare can’t let me live in peace?Every night it comes to haunt me and make me feel miserable.”

Rudra was panting heavily…

“Again the same dream?” his mom asked.

“Nightmare…It’s not a dream mother. It is a nightmare.” replied Rudra wiping his sweat from his forehead.

He was 21 year old boy; who was ready to become a man with a muscular body.

“Why this nightmare can’t let me live in peace?

Every night it comes to haunt me and make me feel miserable.”

Why can’t you just forget these things? His mother asked.

How could I mother? This nightmare has become part of my life since I was 5.

“Rudra you are a son of a great warrior, your father died fighting enemies in battle field.

You are not supposed to fear a nightmare.”

Rudra left the room and went straight to river side to his uncle.

Since his father’s death his uncle became the chief of the tribe name Agniputra.

If you won’t share how anyone could will help you? His uncle asked.

“That same nightmare… I was crossing through the woods and saw a giant figure and a woman.

She was screaming her clothes were torn, I got afraid and I ran…” Rudra’s voice chocked and tears rolled down.

“What you would have done? You were a kid and it was merely a dream.” His uncle asked.

“Then why does this ‘dream’ never sets me free?”

They were interrupted as a man came running and said

“There is a serious matter which needs your attention right now”

“We are coming” said Rudra’s uncle

On their way he asked “Did the woman oppose that demon.”

“No she didn’t but still I think I should have saved her.”

“I’m telling you Rudra you will become a great man.”

As they reached they saw a woman numb with torn clothes.

And there was a tall, hairy and beast like man with sword in his hand and four men who were brutally killed by him rescuing the woman.

None of the man of their tribe was ready to face that monster.

Deep in his heart the giant of Rudra’s dream and the monster were laughing on Rudra.

He looked to his uncle who drew his sword; cut his finger and whispered a prayer.

Looking at sky he screamed loudly “Lord Rudra I’m giving your strength and surety of victory to this kid, this is the oath of an Agniputra.”

Rudra was named after Lord Rudra.

He raised his sword avoiding the shield and jumped for combat.

Drawing his sword high he directly buried it in the heart of the demon.

With his second mighty blow he beheaded him.

There was blood on Rudra’s face, he was screaming hard.

Finally he conquered his nightmare.

Everyone was hailing “Jai Lord Rudra!”

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