Escape from death…

“Kill this bastard your highness, he is sign of sin which the King has committed against you” said Behradien.

“Don’t dare if anyone of you tried to kill this baby, he is King’s first born” said the queen.

“He is not my blood still he is royal because the blood which is running through his veins is my husband’s blood” she added.

“And he is also carrying the blood of that bitch” said Behradien.

“Enough…she was Goddess. We used to worship her. She was kind, generous powerful and…”

“…and a WHORE” growled the angry Behradien.

“BEHRADIEN…control your tongue or I will cut your throat right now” yelled the furious queen.

Behradien kept quite. Now there was a death silence.

He was about 5-6 hours of age and he has already started fighting his fate.

Russow… was declared demon and had the cursed story behind his birth.

The reason…

King Leonydus was a noble and brave King. He used to love his people and was very compassionate.

Because of his noble character the people of Sparta started comparing him with Gods.

He was being worshiped in his kingdom.

The people of Sparta refused to worship demonic Gods.

God of hell and venom Thiusious was not happy with this.

On the other hand he had his wife Goddess Samantha with whom he had married forcefully was falling for Leonydus.

Samantha was kind and powerful and was worshiped by the people of Sparta.

One day she proposed his love to King Leonydus but being the man of his words and vows he refused the proposal.

Out of her mind Goddess Samantha took this to another level and taking the face of Queen she committed sin with the King.

Not knowing anything the King got involved in this sinful act of adultery.

Now it was the time when the Goddess gave birth to a baby boy Russow.

But it was the time for the wrath of the evil God Thiusious, he killed the Goddess as she managed to send her infant to the queen of Sparta.

And the whole Sparta has to suffer… but Leonydus took all the blames and let the Thiusious kill him brutally, and saved some more years for Sparta.

Queen: “Behradien take him and run far from here. Stay on the borders of Sparta. Never let him knows his identity, but you must always keep them in your mind.”

Behradien left immediately.

To be continued…