“Take this kid, raise him but never be his parents. You will only be his caretakers” said Behradien to the man.

“But who is he?”

“It’s none of your business, just take a good care of him and you will be paid in gold.”

Leaving the huge responsibility on the carpenter Behradien left for the palace.

He was thinking that he will never let this little demon Russow enter in the Sparta.

Busy in his thoughts he was passing the dense forest he suddenly heard a scream he charged back to the place.

As he reached the place he saw both the carpenter and his wife were killed and the demons of Thiusious were leaving the place after setting it in fire.

Behradien was devastated. He was not sad that Russow was killed but he was afraid of the queen.

Russow now headed to the palace. He was reaching the kingdom of Sparta and saw there were corpses, fire people crying.

Thiusious had set the kingdom in fire.

“Live with this you cowards, consider this mercy from lord Thiusious” growled a soldier of devil army and left.

Behradien said to the queen “They took him your highness; he must be dead by now.”

“He must have to survive, he is not ordinary. Whether a demon or demigod he can’t die easily” said the queen.

In the forest the place was burned to ashes but there was Russow rescued by angels.

Russow was growing up by learning things from angels and playing with the animals.

He was a turning into a man of wisdom with highest fighting skills.

He was blessed because he was so of Goddess Samantha.

Once or twice some hunters and woodcutters have seen him playing and talking with animals and angels.

As they couldn’t see the angels they spread rumors about Russow that he talks with devils and ghosts.

Was it possible for whispers to not to reach to royal ears.

Behradien said to the queen “There is a boy who talks with ghosts and rides on wolves.”

The queen replied “Bury the whispers and try to find him, it is him. He is alive.”

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