10 years have been passed since they heard of Russow, no one has ever seen him or ever heard of him.

Time was flying and condition of Sparta was getting miserable than before.

As per the queen of Sparta the whispers were entirely false and fictional. But Behradien was not thinking about the whispers, he was anxious about the future of Sparta.

Sparta was turning into hell gradually and Thiusious was making sure of it.

“I don’t think we will survive for more years my queen” said Behradien.

“I know this Behradien, but tell me do I have any other option to stop these things?” questioned the queen.

“I wish Russow wouldn’t has born or when he born anyway he shouldn’t had died.” Sighed Behradien

“What do you mean? Do you believe in miracle or some power which will save us Behradien?”

“I wish this queen and I am praying for this to come true since I came back from the forest that day.”

“He was alive when I left the place burning. He I left him with his fate because I knew only good Gods can save Russow” added Behradien.

“You knew… what does it mean? Have you met him after that incident?”

“Yes my queen many times trying to convince him to fight for us. The whispers are true he rides on wolves and talks with spirits.”

“Tell me more Behradien.”

“He is now a man with wisdom, noble and brave like his father and far stronger than anyone. He is the son of Goddess Samantha too and hence he is a demigod. But…”

“But what?”

“He considers him the reason of the death of his parents and the current situation of Sparta, so he doesn’t want to fight putting more innocent lives in danger for vengeance.”

“I will meet him” said the queen.

In the forest

“I know everything but you are putting trust on me more than you should trust” said Russow.

“No. I don’t trust you. I have faith in my husband’s blood. The army is ready they will be waiting for their savior” said the queen and left.


Behradien: “Spartans this is the day we day we die with our honor or we win by putting the spike in those devils hearts.”

“All hail King Leonidous! God Bless Sparta!” they roared and charged.

But it was a war between mere mortals and demon God Thiusious and he was showing this bitter truth brutally.

Spartan army was being killed brutally. And hence they started leaving the battlefield.

They have heard from Behradien about their savior but there was no sign of him.

But then they heard the sound of howling wolves and he appeared.

The demon army was started being killed by dire wolves. And Russow was killing the mass with a spike and a sword in each hand.

“He has come Spartans! Your savior; the demigod!” yelled Behradien in joy.

Russow was now in front of Thiusoius riding on a dire wolf.

Thiusious waged a fire on him but nothing happened to Russow.

“Here comes the bastard of Leonydus…” and Thiusious was interrupted by Russsow as he put the spike straight into his throat.

The curse of Spartans was no more.