I have never did anything wrong with anyone still why these problems and sufferings are in my life?”

“Why it is me every time?”

“I have never did anything wrong with anyone still why these problems and sufferings are in my life?”

These are the questions we always ask in the time of crisis.

People lose their hope and also their faith in good.

Their believe turns weak and soon they yield. Sometimes they successfully come out from the crisis and sometimes they lose.

We ask questions “Why me?” but we don’t bother to find answer of this question.

Let us find the answer of this question with the help of the story of Job from Old Testament of Holy Bible.

The Story

Job was very religious, holy and worshiper of God. He was a very good person. But one day Satan told the God that

“If I will put him in trouble and snatch all his wealth and cattle he will stop praising and worshipping you.”

The God said “Go and try.”

Satan took all the wealth of Job and left him penniless. But Job was still praising and worshipping the God.

Then Satan told the God that you didn’t let me harm me physically that’s why he is still praising you.

God said “Go and try.”

Satan made Job very sick. He was suffering from leprosy and now he was in very poor condition.

When Job was crying his three friends were there with him.

Job started cursing his birth. He asked “Why me?”

“I have always leaded a sinless life and I have always worshipped you still I’m suffering at this extent.”

“It seems like I wouldn’t have born, why my mother even conceived?”

Job was totally broken then his friends told him to confess his sins in front of God. Because according to them “without sinning one wouldn’t face this much pain and sufferings.”

But Job claimed that he was the most sinless person.

They said he was being arrogant. But at that time God came there and said “Job is sinless. He is a true worshipper of mine.”

And his health and wealth was returned to him in double amount.

The Answer…

God let fall Job in miserable condition and then took him out and testimony his holiness himself.

By this he not only made Job feel more loved by God but also defeated Satan by using merely a mortal.

This is our God he takes care of us. He has better plans for us.

So whenever you are in trouble just keep your believe strong like Job and receive the rewards and love from the God.