If a girl has been raped or physically molested how could she is a slut?
“Why does she was outside of the home late night?”
“I have seen her talking over the phone many times”
“She has many friends and most of them are boys”.
These are some of the comments we can hear in our society whenever a girl got raped or molested.
In the world of fast internet, people spread rumors and passes judgment in ultra fast way.
We don’t take time to declare someone characterless, cheap and even slut.
But let me remind you that sluts do not get raped they get paid.
Let me become less liberal and put it in this way that it is rarest of rare that a prostitute can be physically molested.
If a girl has been raped or physically molested how could she is a slut?
If she was a slut then it will be called sex in the place of rape or molestation.
People easily declare that the fault was of victim. And by doing this somehow they are trying to fool themselves.
They try to show that their girls are safe because they are rich with sober characters.
But it is not true, because whenever a girl is being raped the culprit is one and only the rapist.
None of the clothes and behaviors is provocative enough to turn a man into demon.
So instead of passing judgment on someone’s girl raise your boy carefully.
Join hands and stand against rape and molestation.
Jai Hind.

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