No need to be like “Sharma ji ka beta”

Everyone has clear perspective about what others should do? What one should wear? Which career they should choose? How should others behave? And whom they should talk to? This unconditional love of society sometimes makes us feel miserable about ourselves. Today people can’t afford to be ordinary, they can’t digest that they are average than […]

Life and questions- the inseparable relation.

Life and Questions-The inseparable relation. ‘Questions’- a word which includes all the world in itself. It doesn’t need only the answer rather it compell the whole human machinery body to work. It absorbs all the aspect of life. ‘Questions’- it is not only the problems of mathematics or the form of sentence which needs an […]

The deer need to stop chasing the musk

You want to stand. You want to stabilize. You seek peace. Today, everyone is seeking peace. They are searching it exhaustedly. But no one has ever found peace while running everywhere and searching. The peace is in yourself, it is not something which you will find outside. The musk deer runs behind the fragrance all […]