By the passing time tomato is losing its real taste. That tangy taste and aroma is missing somewhere. Scientists have tested on hundreds of varieties and found the genetic taste that makes tomatoes yummy. By using these genetics breeders can once again return the originality of tomatoes which today’s commercials lack. It seems like future of tomato is coming up.

         Most grocery store tomatoes are poor with fruit rich taste. They are just fulfilling the needs of market. They are providing taste and health through tomatoes. The new study published in Science, represents an exhaustive genetic analysis of many varieties, from heirloom to cherry tomatoes. Researchers rate over 160 tomato samples to know which one they like most. Then they determined that which genetic variant is responsible for its specific aroma and taste. This research can help breeders in putting the delicious tomatoes back in the market.


                                                                                    In order to find the genetic variants the researchers first took 398 samples and then selected 160 out of them and grew them in their lab. Then it went 100 people to select the best one. Now everything is available for the breeders to decode the ultimate aroma of tomatoes. So, we should just wait a little to taste the tangy tomatoes once again!!

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