“Are you sure, you want this Ronit?”

“Yes Shruti.”

“Please Ronit, please stop all these things.”

“It will stop very soon. I got to go. I’m hanging up the phone.”


Two months ago…

“What is he doing here with you in your flat?” asked Ronit

“Oh he just came here to congratulate me for our engagement.” replied Shruti with a hint of hesitation in her voice.

“In his shorts?”

“What do you mean Ronit?”

“You better know what I mean.” said Ronit and left.


After two days…

“Hello, are you alright?” asked Shruti


“Where are you?”


“Don’t you think we should meet?” asked Shruti.

“Why are we pretending as everything is fine?” Ronit questioned back.

“But I have apologized Ronit.”


That day after Ronit left…

“Hello. Can us talk.” asked Shruti over phone.

“I’m all ears.”

“Listen I want to say sorry. I have hurt you. But…”

“Go on.”

“You know I was over him. I love you that’s why I marrying you no.”

“I know. But why you did this. Why you betrayed your fiancée for your ex-boyfriend?”

“I don’t we met first time since we broke up. He had cheated me. I had so many questions and…”

“And your anger went to pillow fight and let him enter your bedroom spending the whole… shit.”

“Why are you making a big deal as if I have committed any heinous crime?” yelled Shruti.

There was a silence…

And then Ronit hung up the phone.



Phone rings. Ronit picks up the call

“Listen Shruti I’m fine ok. Let’s not pretend anymore please.”

“What’s your problem dude? I said sorry why are you making such a big deal from it?”

“This is my problem Shruti. I got cheated by my fiancée and still she thinks that it’s not a big deal.” He said and hung up.


1st anniversary of their engagement…

“Hello Shruti.”

“Yes.” said Shruti with a smile.

“How are you?”

“I’m good. How are you handsome?”

“I’m fine.”

“How come you called me today?” Shruti said with a broad smile.

“Ahh.. I think we should meet tonight.”

“Come over my place I’ll order your favorite Biryani. And I promise I won’t force you to eat my favorite pastas which you hate most.” Shruti chuckled.

“Ok I will come.” smiled Ronit eating the last bit of pasta which he had made for himself.


Shruti’s home…

Ronit rang the bell and entered her home with a firm hug.

They sat as Shruti served him Biryani.

“I want to see you eat this Ronit. I have just missed you yaar.”

“Do you remember Shruti I asked you once about your greatest fear?”


“And you said if I will ever betray you or cheat you is your greatest fear.”


“Yes. Ronit…”

“Anyways I have something for you.” smiled Ronit.

“Oho..surprise eh.?”

“Yes. The best gift.”

Ronit handled his engagement ring to Shruti.

“Freedom is something which I can give you only.”

“What? Are you breaking up with me? You are breaking our engagement?” asked Shruti her voice loud.

“It’s just an engagement. Breaking an engagement is still not a bigger crime than breaking a heart who loved you from its every bit.” said Ronit calmly and left.